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Three Horror Movies in Spanish to Watch Now

We've got three thrillers and horror movies in Spanish from Spain to Mexico to Chile to get you ready for Halloween. Plus we've added three tricks to make watching in Spanish spooky fun for you.

To start, these are three películas de terror (horror movies) in Spanish that you can't miss this Halloween.

1. El laberinto del fauno (España-México)

Guillermo del Toro's El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth, 2006) has all the perfect setup for a scary movie. There are scary mythical creatures set in a dark, abandoned labyrinth that a young girl encounters along the way.

But beyond it all, it's a sad yet fantastical story of the young girl living in Francoist Spain shortly after the Spanish Civil War.

Mexican director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro is a maestro of horror. Other scary movies of his include 2015 English-language gothic horror Crimson Peak with Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain.

2. El orfanato (España)

The Spanish horror movie, El orfanato (The Orphanage, 2007) centers on a woman who purchases her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams of restoring and reopening the long-abandoned facility as a place for disabled children.

However, she discovers that this place awakens her adopted son's imagination, but the games he plays with an invisible friend quickly turn into something more disturbing.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona also wrote and directed A Monster Calls (2016), an English-language dark fantasy film.

3. Tesis (España)

In the thriller Tesis (Thesis, 1996), a film student finds a videotape showing the torture and murder of a missing college student.

What happens to her psychologically as she embarks on discovering who murdered the student is the real horror in this movie.

Chilean-Spanish director and screenwriter Alejandro Amenábar also wrote and directed the English-language gothic supernatural psychological horror movie, The Others (2001), with Nicole Kidman.

Tres trucos para ver películas de terror en español (Three tricks for watching scary movies in Spanish)

1. Try a new treat from a Spanish-speaking culture

First you need a treat to eat help calm your fears while watching one of these horror movies. This video is perfect for you showing you horw to prepare three recipes inspired by horror movies.

2. Take note of new words you cross

You're sure to learn a lot of new phrases and vocabulary in Spanish from Mexico to Chile to Spain with the actors' accents and dialogue in these movies.

3. Watch English-language movies using Spanish subtitles

If you're not a fan of dubbed movies, then try watching English-language horror movies, like the ones suggested above (Crimson Peak, A Monster Calls, The Others), with Spanish subtitles on. You'll catch some interesting translations and may sear into your memory new vocabulary and expressions.

¡Que disfrutes de tus películas de terror!


Jackie Donaldson is a language teacher and pronunciation specialist at Amidon Studios. She founded Amidon Studios in 2017 after managing a language institute in Lima, Peru. She's taught English and Spanish to students from all over the world while living in Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. When she's not working or studying, you'll find her gardening, playing with her cat Frankie, swimming, and exploring the globe.

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