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One insanely easy way to be fluent in Spanish

Find out how you can become fluent in Spanish with just a simple click of a button.

I was much like you before I became fluent in Spanish. I tried so many different things that just didn't seem to work for me.

Back in the day, I tried a Spanish group class for a couple of days but it was too big and impersonal. So then with the refund from the class, I bought an expensive set of Rosetta Stones CDs but only did a few lessons and lost interest after that.

A couple of years later, I bought another CD to follow along to in the car. I only remember that I learned how to pronounce Chicago in Spanish from that.

Later I signed up for another group class but didn't try very hard to speak in class, letting my classmates do all the talking for me.

The key to me finally learning Spanish and becoming confident enough to speak it was immersion.

I want to help you be successful thanks to immersion, too. That's the key, I promise you.

I've created a 30-day Spanish fluency challenge filled with daily activities that will have you immersed in Spanish while gaining confidence and increasing fluency every single day.

My teachers and I will be your guides each day with short videos leading you to that day's activity. You'll spend at least 10 minutes a day fully immersed in fun activities that are practical but give you a special insight into different Latin American cultures.

Ready to get started? Be sure to add your name to the waitlist so you'll be the first notified when it launches in 2 weeks. Plus you get a free gift just for signing up!


Jackie Amidon Donaldson helps women feel confident speaking Spanish, English, and Italian like a native. Plus she makes learning fun!


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