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Quiz: How much do you know about Thanksgiving?

Even if you think you're a Thanksgiving expert, find out if you're a clever cranberry or a lump of mashed potatoes with this fun Thanksgiving quiz.

Answer the questions and add up your points at the end to see if you're a Clever Cranberry, Crazy Casserole, or just Lumpy Mashed Potatoes!

1. On which day is Thanksgiving celebrated every year in the US?

a. First Tuesday of November

b. First day of November

c. Abraham Lincoln's birthday

d. Fourth Thursday in November

Answer: d. Fourth Thursday in November

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Thanksgiving Day has changed its date quite a few times. The first Thanksgiving actually took place in mid-October.

But, over the years the official day for Thanksgiving has moved from Nov. 25 to the last Thursday in November, before finally and permanently being moved to the fourth Thursday in November.

This happened in 1863 after an amendment was made to Abraham Lincoln's proclamation.

2. Which of these is not a traditional Thanksgiving dish?

a. Mashed potatoes

b. Cornbread stuffing

c. Candy corn

d. Cranberry sauce

Answer: c. Candy corn

Candy corn is a candy eaten mostly on or around Halloween in the US. There are so many options and combinations for Thanksgiving meals in the US, and this can also depend on the state or region you're in.

But there are some Thanksgiving sides that you will see on just about every table. According to, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and bread are some of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes across the US.

3. Who is Thanksgiving celebrated with?

a. Family only

b. Friends only

c. Anyone you care about

d. Coworkers

Answer: c. Anyone you care about

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and generosity.

During Thanksgiving, we celebrate the things we have and the people in our lives. Many also choose to give back to their communities through food drives, donations and volunteering in soup kitchens to make sure those less fortunate can also enjoy the holiday.

For these reasons, Thanksgiving is celebrated with anyone you care about, sometimes even strangers.

4. Which of these is one way do Americans traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving?

a. Play music

b. Share what we're grateful for

c. Sing carols

d. Go trick-or-treating

Answer: b. Everyone shares what they are grateful for this year

Thanksgiving was originally a holiday to celebrate and be grateful for the bountiful harvest for the year that allowed for families to eat and thrive.

Nowadays, that tradition of gratitude is still alive as we share with our loved ones all of the things we are grateful for. We do this over a big meal which we share with our friends, family, and sometimes strangers to show how grateful we are for all we have.

5. Which meat do Americans traditionally eat for our main course on Thanksgiving?

a. Turkey

b. Veal

c. Fish

d. Hamburgers

Answer: a. Turkey

Turkey is the main event at a traditional Thanksgiving table.

According to Britannica, the turkey didn't become the popular Thanksgiving dish until the 19th century when this particular bird became abundant and available on most family farms in the US. Turkeys were also a great size to feed the whole family.

It is also said that the novels A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Northwood by Sarah Josepha Hale played a huge role in solidifying turkey's major role in the holiday.

Now it's time for the big reveal

How many did you answer correctly?

5 Correct: Clever Cranberry

Are you sure you're not an American? You've aced our quiz and you're a Thanksgiving expert!

3-4 Correct: Crazy Casserole

You know a lot about Thanksgiving, but you're not an expert yet. Maybe next year!

1-2 Correct: Lumpy Mashed Potatoes

You know a little bit about Thanksgiving and you're still learning. No shame in that!

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Noelle Ruta is a former English and German teacher and coordinator for Amidon Studios. She previously taught German, English, French, and Italian at universities in the U.S. She holds a BA in German from Montclair State University. Originally from Long Island, New York, Noelle now lives in Dallas, Texas with her partner and two cats.

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