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One Easy Way to Step Up Your Business English

If you're a talented, driven business professional—and I know you are!—you'll enjoy our essential Facebook group Business English All-Stars.

You'll get loads of free tips for speaking, pronunciation, listening. We've got podcasts, videos, Facebook lives, and many more resources there.

It's exclusive content only for our Facebook group members. And it's all to help you advance your English skills in a super fun way.

Want a free assessment of your Business English skills? We can help. Message us at or call or WhatsApp us at 619-483-5874.


Jackie Donaldson is the owner and director of Amidon Studios Language Studies. She started Amidon Studios in 2017 after managing a language institute in Lima, Peru for six years. She's taught students from all over the world while living in Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. When she's not working or studying, you'll find her gardening, playing with her cat Frankie, swimming, baking, and exploring the globe.

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