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8 ways your intelligence style changes the way you learn Spanish

Learn Spanish the way your brain is wired! This blog post will help you identify your learning style and find the best ways to learn Spanish based on your strengths.

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Everyone has different forms of intelligence. Your form of intelligence tends to dictate how you learn.

Due to what intelligence form you have, you may learn best by listening, while others may learn best by reading or doing.

Your learning style can also affect how you learn a new language, like Spanish.

If you know your learning style, you can choose activities and learning materials that are most effective for you.

Let's dive into the eight different forms of intelligence and how to learn Spanish based on your forms.

1. Linguistic intelligence

People with linguistic intelligence learn best by reading, writing, and talking.

If you have linguistic intelligence, try the following activities to improve your Spanish:

  • Read Spanish books and articles.

  • Write in Spanish, such as journaling or creating stories.

  • Talk to native Spanish speakers.

  • Listen to Spanish music and podcasts.

2. Logical-mathematical intelligence

People with logical-mathematical intelligence learn best through patterns, puzzles, and problem-solving.

Prefer learning through puzzles and problem-solving? Then try these:

  • Play Spanish games, such as crossword puzzles.

  • Study Spanish grammar rules and patterns.

  • Use Spanish logic puzzles and brain teasers.

3. Visual-spatial intelligence

People with visual-spatial intelligence learn best through pictures, diagrams, and maps.

If you have visual-spatial intelligence, you may enjoy these activities:

  • Watch Spanish movies and shows.

  • Look at Spanish art and photographs.

  • Use Spanish flashcards and diagrams.

  • Create Spanish mind maps and concept maps.

4. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

People with bodily-kinesthetic intelligence learn best through movement and hands-on activities.

If you have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, you may prefer trying your hand at these:

  • Dance to Spanish language music.

  • Act out scenes from Spanish language plays.

  • Play games in Spanish that involve movement.

  • Cook new dishes using recipes in Spanish.

5. Musical intelligence

People with musical intelligence learn best through music.

If you have musical intelligence, you may want to explore these:

  • Sing songs in Spanish.

  • Listen to traditional or contemporary music en español.

  • Play a new-to-you instrument.

  • Compose music in Spanish.

6. Interpersonal intelligence

People with interpersonal intelligence learn best through interaction with others.

If you have interpersonal intelligence, you may do best with these activities:

  • Join a Spanish conversation group.

  • Volunteer to help Spanish speakers.

  • Travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Take online Spanish classes with other students.

7. Intrapersonal intelligence

People with intrapersonal intelligence learn best through self-reflection and understanding their own learning styles.

If you have intrapersonal intelligence, you may prefer to:

  • Keep a Spanish learning journal

  • Set Spanish learning goals

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in Spanish

  • Take Spanish learning breaks when you need them

8. Naturalist intelligence

People with naturalist intelligence learn best through nature and the environment.

If you have naturalist intelligence, you can immerse yourself by doing these activities:

  • Learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and traditions

  • Study Spanish plants and animals

  • Take Spanish nature walks and hikes

  • Volunteer to help the environment in Spanish-speaking countries

No matter what your learning style is, there are many ways to learn Spanish effectively.

By choosing activities and learning materials that are most effective for you, you can make the learning process more enjoyable and efficient.

If you are interested in feeling confident speaking Spanish, then take a moment to identify your forms of intelligence and your learning styles.

Once you know your learning styles, then choose activities and learning materials that are most effective for you.

No matter what they are, we can help you learn Spanish effectively.

That's because we offer a variety of Spanish classes, immersion events, and digital courses to meet your needs!


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Jackie Amidon Donaldson helps students of all ages feel confident speaking Spanish, English, and Italian like a native in 90 days or less. She loves helping them achieve their goals by setting up their action plan for success, showing them the tools they need, and supporting them each step of the way. Jackie's the owner and language coach of Amidon Studios and has worked with more than 1,000 students around the world.


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