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How to feel confident with Spanish by the end of the month

You've got five different ways you can feel confident in Spanish by the end of this month. To get started, all you need to do is choose one!

Woman holding her hands with an aerial view of a city in the background and the words "How to feel confident in Spanish by EOM"

We had the most fantastic weekend with our Spanish students. Muchisímas gracias to everyone who made it out to our Chula Vista and Richmond meetups!

Here are some fun photos and videos from our events.

Two women standing next to each other
Stephanie and Janet had a great time at our Spanish conversation meetup in Chula Vista, CA.

And at our Richmond, VA meetup...

If you missed these events but still want to practice your Spanish, no worries! We've got a lot planned that you can join in on.

Speaking of which, here's what's next for the rest of the month...

Click the links above to RSVP!


Jackie Amidon Donaldson helps students of all ages feel confident speaking Spanish, English, and Italian like a native in 90 days or less. She loves helping them achieve their goals by setting up their action plan for success, showing them the tools they need, and supporting them each step of the way. Jackie's the owner and language coach of Amidon Studios and has worked with more than 1,000 students around the world.


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