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Three Easy Tips for Improving Your Pronunciation

Updated: May 31, 2019

Whether you're learning Spanish, English, or another language, it takes time and patience to learn how to speak like a native speaker. But never fear. Here are three easy recommendations for how beginner language learners can practice improving their pronunciation.

1. Practice muscle memory.

Language learners who would like to improve their pronunciation should practice moving their mouth, including tongue, cheeks, and jaw in the right positions until their muscles begin to remember how to form certain sounds. This is called muscle memory.

2. Practice listening to audio.

Practice listening to audio, including videos, movies, TV shows, and podcasts and listen carefully to how the actors or presenters speak. Then record yourself saying the exact same phrases. Practice several times until your pronunciation sounds similar to the actors.

3. Practice with a native speaker.

Another way is to practice with a native speaker. Ask them to help correct you if you mispronounce something. If they have trouble understanding your pronunciation, then you know you still have more to improve.

Check out these tips and more in this video I recorded for TakeLessons.

Basically, the more you practice improving your pronunciation, the more you will sound like an native speaker.

Of course, if you ever need English accent reduction lessons, Spanish grammar lessons, or want to learn English or Spanish from the beginning, I'm available in person at my Eastlake, Chula Vista studio or via video chat. Contact me directly for more info or visit my TakeLessons page.

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