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This hack changed my life

I discovered that immersion to the key to feeling confident in your target language.

If you took a language class in high school or college, did you have a good experience?

I did not. I hated learning French in high school and college. I struggled with grammar, and I never felt confident enough to actually speak.

I would never raise my hand to answer questions. The few times the teacher called on me, I would freeze, much to their frustration. They'd just ask me the same question over and over again as if I'd magically understand what they were saying.

My face must've been beet red and yet still, they'd persist. It was so humiliating.

Then they'd give me a low grade, reinforcing my belief that I was just terrible at it.⁠ I kept having the same issues with Spanish. Back in classrooms with too many people where I could hide or have my friends prompt me with the answers.

Then I stopped taking traditional classes. They weren't working. And that was a relief because I discovered that immersing myself was the key to success.

It was honestly unnerving at first to put myself into new situations with native Spanish speakers. But with time, patience, and a lot of grace, I began to feel more and more comfortable and confident.⁠ After becoming fluent, I decided I didn't want others to struggle as I did. Instead, I wanted them to feel good, confident, and comfortable, and to have a lot of fun learning.⁠ That's why I started Amidon Studios. I really want students to have an experience that made them like learning their target language is something they can accomplish in a relaxed environment with a teacher who understands them.

Speaking of which, the Speak Spanish like a Native short course starts Apr. 24. It's a free 5-day course, and it is even better than last year's! I'll share more details about this free course with you soon!


Jackie Amidon Donaldson helps women feel confident speaking Spanish, English, and Italian like a native in 90 days or less. She loves helping them achieve their goals by setting up their action plan for success, showing them the tools they need, and supporting them each step of the way. Jackie's the owner and language coach of Amidon Studios and has worked with more than 1000 women around the world.

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