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How long before you're fluent

Short answer: It's all up to you. Find out why.

Students often ask me how long before they're fluent in their target language.⁠ And my answer always is: It's up to you.⁠ Spanish and Italian are two of the easiest languages to learn, so that's helpful. But there is no get-fluent-quick scheme to it.⁠

(English takes much longer than Spanish and Italian, mostly because it takes its grammar and pronunciation rules from four other languages. Sorry.) If you completely immerse yourself in your target language 24/7, then you could be fluent in a few months.⁠ However, unless you're living in another country and have a real ear for languages, plus feel super confident putting yourself out there, then it will probably take you longer.⁠ And that's ok.⁠

It's all about... ⁠

🌸 your previous experience learning other languages⁠

🌸 your confidence in speaking⁠

🌸 your patience with yourself⁠

🌸 your ability to give yourself grace⁠

🌸 your level of open-mindedness⁠

🌸 your time spent actively using your skills⁠

If you're ready to put into practice your Spanish, English, or Italian skills, then contact me here.⁠


Jackie Amidon Donaldson helps women achieve their goals by setting up their action plan for success, showing them the tools they need, and supporting them each step of the way. She's the owner and coach for Amidon Studios and has worked with more than 1000 women around the world to feel confident speaking Spanish, English, and Italian like a native in 90 days or less.

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