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Six Holiday Songs to Improve Your English

It's that time of music is everywhere! And so is an opportunity to improve your English! With these six holiday songs, you’ll be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in no time!

1. "Let it Snow!" by Dean Martin

Learn descriptive vocabulary as you listen to Dean Martin's crooning voice. Sing along with Dean and imagine a chilly, wintery night.

Do you spend your Decembers sledding down a hill or riding a wave? With lyrics like “the lights are turned way down low,” you will want to snuggle up close to your significant other this holiday season no matter the weather!

2. "Last Christmas" by Wham!

This ‘80s jam tells of Christmas heartbreak. Hone your past simple and future simple skills as you listen to this slow, melancholic song.

If you can’t relate (let’s be honest, of course, you can!), memorize the lyrics. Then impress your friends with a dramatic rendition when it inevitably comes on the radio!

3. "The Dreidel Song" by Don Cooper

Celebrating Hannukah means playing Dreidel! Don’t know how to play? Listen carefully to this simple song to learn.

Pay attention to the instructions and what each letter means, then craft your Dreidel and play with your family!

4. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Bing Crosby

Practice asking questions in this traditional Christmas tune. The slow-paced melody makes this song almost too easy to learn.

Sing it to your kids as a lullaby or to yourself as a type of meditation. Listening to this peaceful song will always bring a sense of serenity.

5. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Jackson 5

This upbeat jingle is a caution for all children. Can you identify the present progressive and imperative forms in this song?

Kids everywhere will be warned to “be good for goodness sake.” Sing along with your family and watch out for Santa Claus!

6. "12 Days of Christmas" by Super Simple Songs

What’s a partridge? Find out in this silly song about a massive amount of gifts (mostly birds!). Practice numbers and different -ing verbs and challenge yourself to sing along.

It's a long song, so...make it a competition! Whoever can keep up and sing the lyrics correctly wins!

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Hailing from New England, Caroline Gunning has been living in Lima, Peru since 2019. She has worked in many types of learning environments as an Educational Interpreter, a Water Safety Instructor, and a private English Tutor. Caroline is excited to be a part of the Amidon Studios Team and looks forward to getting to know students through her English classes.


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