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14 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the special people in your life. It is important to tell them how you feel. But maybe you feel anxious about expressing yourself.

In honor of this February 14 holiday, here are fourteen phrases to help!

Affectionate and Flirtatious Love

Did you just meet someone? Or maybe you have new feelings for a friend? You are probably feeling very close to them. Perhaps you even want to improve your flirting

skills. The following phrases should be useful.

1. I care about you.

2. I have a crush on you.

This sentence may seem awkward for non-native speakers who are worried about the literal translation of the word crush. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are squashing anyone! It means you have strong attraction to another person. Use this idiom to express your recently discovered emotions.

3. You are special to me.

4. I’m falling for you.

Here’s another funny sounding idiom. Are you constantly losing your balance when you use this phrase? Probably not. Your feelings are just growing deeper, very quickly.

Romantic and Passionate Love

Now, you have been dating someone for a while. Do you want to express your deep affection for them but need some guidance? Use these phrases to add some passion to your romance.

5. You take my breath away.

This is an idiom that puts a little drama into the language! You won’t stop breathing from loving someone, but love may feel like that sometimes!

6. I’m crazy about you.

7. I’m head over heels for you.

Just like the GIF shows, you may feel like doing flips when you are in love. Instead, just use this popular idiom to show how you feel.

8. I adore you.

9. I love you to the moon and back.

Here’s a popular phrase that measures all the love you have for someone against the distance between the moon and earth. No wonder you can find it (or other versions) in so many love songs throughout the decades!

Enduring and Unconditional Love

This type of love comes after some time. The following phrases describe the deep connection you have with your partner. Use them to communicate your unfailing dedication to your love.

10. You mean the world to me.

Comparing the worth of the entire globe to the love you have for someone can be very powerful. With this idiom, you do exactly that! Be sure to say it only to someone who is a meaningful part of your life.

11. I can’t live without you.

12. You are the love of my life.

13. You complete me/You had me at “hello”.

Who can forget this iconic moment in the movie Jerry Maguire? Jerry (Tom Cruise) reveals his love for Dorothy (Renée Zellweger) in a dramatic speech. She responds, equally emotionally. Watch the conversation with the link below:

14. I love you.

This classic never fails. It's simple, sweet and beautiful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Hailing from New England, Caroline Gunning has been living in Lima, Peru since 2019. She has worked in many types of learning environments as an Educational Interpreter, a Water Safety Instructor, and a private English Tutor for over ten years. Caroline is excited to be a part of the Amidon Studios Team and looks forward to getting to know students through her English classes.


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