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12 Embarrassing Things About How I Finally Learned Spanish

You know how we all have things in our life we're not so proud to share? Well, here are 12 embarrassing things you probably don't know about how I *finally* learned Spanish.

1. Despite my mom's advice, I took French in middle school, high school, and college because it was romantic and definitely not practical.

2. I was a C student and couldn't get past the intermediate level because of the grammar. My accent was lovely though.

3. I took 2 days of Spanish my senior year of high school before getting into a class I really wanted that I actually did poorly in.

4. I tried to learn Spanish in my late 20s but chickened out after one day of Spanish class.

5. I spent more money than I had on Rosetta Stone CDs but never used them.

6. For years I could only speak baby Spanish, which I learned from my nephew.

7. I picked up tiny bits of Spanish working with Latin Americans in DC and San Diego.

8. My boss was sure I could speak Spanish in San Diego because I knew words for food.

9. I spent my first year in Peru hardly understanding anything, getting into the craziest situations at least once a week.

10. I only took 2 months of Spanish classes in Peru, but when I got back to San Diego for a short time, I took intermediate level classes at City College until I got lost with grammar thanks to the pretérito and imperfecto.

11. I went back to Peru again for two more years, determined to meet new people who only spoke Spanish so that I'd have to learn more.

12. I finally became fluent in Spanish after 20 years of trying. 

Certainly, if I can learn after 20 years, anyone can when they put their mind to it.

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