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90% off Sale on the Spanish Fluency Accelerator!

Get all these digital courses—plus a bonus!—for only $37!

*available for a limited time only


Course #1 - Spanish Pronunciation Made Easy

  • Learn how to pronounce Spanish correctly with over 60 video lessons downloadable audios to practice with.
  • Cover all aspects of Spanish pronunciation, including vowels, consonants, stress, and intonation.
  • Compare pronunciation techniques from native speakers from Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Peru, and Argentina
  • Get personalized feedback from your native Spanish-speaking teacher teachers on your pronunciation.


Course #2 - How to Speak Spanish like a Native

  • Learn how to sound more natural and fluent in Spanish with over 50 video lessons and exercises
  • Cover all aspects of Spanish speaking, including slang, idioms, and small talk.
  • Get personalized feedback from your native Spanish-speaking teachers on your speaking.


Course #3 - Level Up! Speak More Spanish Like a Native

  • Overcome shyness and speak real-life Spanish in 40 video lessons with our proven Amidon Method.
  • Go beyond language app phrases and learn everyday vocabulary and expressions.
  • Unlock secrets from Peru and Mexico so you can impress native speakers
  • Plus: Live Zoom class, Netflix learning hacks, and personalized guidance to fluency.


Course #4 - 30-Day Spanish Challenge Program

  • Change up how you're learning to speak with more than 30 video lessons from your native Spanish-speaking guides
  • Finally understand Spanish in fun and immersive ways with 30 fun-filled activities you can do in 10 minutes or less.

    BONUS! - Unlock Your Language Goals for Success

    • Learn how to achieve your Spanish language goals, whether you want to get a better job or simply communicate more effectively in Spanish.
    • Discover the best strategies for learning Spanish and staying motivated.
    • Get personalized support from your language coach Jackie to help you reach your goals.


    Each course normally costs $97 for a total of $485. But for a limited time only, you can get all these courses for 90% off!


    That's only $37 for all five courses!


    Buy now and start speaking Spanish like a native today!

    Spanish Fluency Accelerator

    $485.00 Regular Price
    $37.00Sale Price
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