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What to Watch en español parte II

Need something to do that gets your mind off what's going in the world? Check out these funny rom-coms, strange dramas, and cute videos to practice español during this crazy downtime.


Need a light rom-com that doesn't quite go where you would expect it to? Then Solteras (Ready to Mingle) may be just for you. After a woman gets dumped by her longtime boyfriend, she decides to take a seminar on how to catch a man. Any of you who've been on blind dates will totally get the gist but you may just be astonished by what decisions she makes. Co-stars Juan Pablo Medina, a churro from La Casa de las Flores.

La Tribu

This movie, La Tribu, will inspire you to shake your culito. About a man who happens meets his biological mother the same day he loses his memory after experiencing a nasty viral moment that's forever memorialized on social media. What's the fun in that, you say? Well, somehow joining his mom's dance group leads everyone to sanity via dancing. On top of all the fun, the lead, Paco León from La Casa de las Flores, isn't too hard on the eyes.


Want to know what life is really like in Mexico? Roma is an excellent foray into life for the nana of an upper-middle-class family in Mexico City. Coming from someone who's lived in Mexico, I can say this film truly captures the sounds, sights, scenes, and feelings of life in Mexico.

Habla con ella

There's one Spanish-language film that I have consistently loved watching through the years. Hable con ella, a film by the great Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, is a bittersweet, and at times, horrifying, story of a woman in a coma and the people coincidentally in her life, including a woman matador. You won't believe where the story leads. Plus there's a gorgeous cameo by Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso who sings the most heartbreaking rendition of the Mexican folk song "Cucurrucucú Paloma."

Durante la tormenta

Need a bit more distraction to take your mind off of real life? Try the Spanish sci-fi film Durante la tormenta (Mirage) about a woman who tries to save a kid's life from 25 years earlier but in the process loses her own child. Hold on for lots of twists and turns.

Pedro Pascal Teaches You Spanish Slang

Who here is a fan of Pedro Pascal? The Chilean-American actor seems to pick the most interesting roles to play, from the title role in The Mandalorian to Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones to the real-life Javier Peña in Narcos. Well, Pedro stopped for a moment to take some time to be a super cool Spanish teacher in this Vanity Fair video Pedro Pascal Teaches You Spanish Slang.

How To Get Over The Fear Of Speaking Spanish

If you follow Pero Like on YouTube, then you already know the struggles and achievements that Maya has made in learning Spanish. She even got the entire Pero Like staff to speak Spanish for an entire day! Here's Maya giving some tips on how to get over being too scared to speak Spanish. We all have this fear, it's totally normal! And we can totally get over it. Check out the video below.

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