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Improve your English Pronunciation with Free Live Lessons

Want to improve your American English pronunciation? How about for FREE?!

I've got you covered with Facebook and Instagram LIVE sessions this week.  

We'll be focusing on those tough consonant sounds that everyone has trouble with in English. I'll also be taking questions live.

So definitely catch me this week to get help sounding like an American English speaker!

We start tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6 at 10am Pacific. I'll be teaching these free lessons on both Facebook and Instagram LIVE.

Here's the schedule for the week of April 7-12, 2020.

Tuesday 10am PDT - The 2 TH Sounds

Wednesday 12pm PDT - The 2 G Consonant Sounds

Thursday 10am PDT - Y and J Consonant Sounds

Friday 12pm PDT - The 2 C Consonant Sounds

Saturday 10am PDT - American R Consonant Sound

Sunday 10am PDT - The 2 L Consonant Sounds

Note that all times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), so check your local time and join me LIVE! 

I'll be adding more sessions for the rest of the month, so check back for the updated schedule each week.

Remember, these free lessons on American English pronunciation are on both Facebook and Instagram LIVE. See you there!

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